B.M.A.P.S Events Calender 2014

Meeting Dates

Meetings start at 8pm in the Rugby Club, Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes, London SW13.   

Thursday 12th June 2014                           New Members Induction & Renewals

Thursday 7h August 2014

Thursday 9th October 2014

Thursday 11th December 2014

Thursday 12th February 2015                    AGM & Committee Election

Thursday 9th April 2015


Shadwell Match Dates

The draw for the Matches will take place one hour before the start in the Shadwell car park.

                 Sunday 11th May 2014              10am to 3pm                    Main Lake (Silverfish Match)

Sunday 15th June 2014            2pm to 6pm                      Main Lake (Open Match)

Sunday 13th July 2014             2pm to 6pm                      Main Lake (4 Way Match)

Sat/Sun 16th-17th August 2014 24hrs noon to noon   Main Lake (Charity Match)

Sunday 30th November 2014   10am to 2pm                  Main Lake (Christmas Match)


Other Venues Match Dates

Sunday 27th July 2014             9am to 2pm                        Royal Berkshire, Windsor

This 'Away' Match is limited to 28 anglers and has a £8 entry fee to cover hire of the venue. Entry fees must be paid to the Match Secretary by 7th July and is non-refundable unless someone is willing to take their place. Contact the Match Secretary for further information.


Sunday 12th October 2014       10am to 3pm                      Grand Union, Brentford

This 'Open Match' will take place on the BMAPS stretch of the Grand Union Canal at Brentford. There are two car parks near Brentford Lock, the Canal and River Trust car park is reserved for Disabled and OAP Members only. The venue is also served by public transport i.e. bus routes E2, E8, 235, 237 & 267. Contact the Match Secretary for further information.


Shadwell Night Fishing Dates

There is a maximum of 4 Members, plus 2 Committee Members per night.  Names should be given to the Fishery Officer at least 3 days in advance of the night fishing date.

Saturday 21st June 2014                            Saturday 20th September 2014

Saturday 5th July 2014                               Saturday 11th October 2014

Saturday 19th July 2014                             Saturday 25th October 2014             

Saturday 9th August 2014                          Saturday 15th November 2014


Shadwell Security Nights Fishing 2014

Each year there are a number of weekday security nights when fishing also takes place. Participants are expected to undertake one or two patrols around the lake during the night (in the company of a Fishery Officer or Committee Member). There is a maximum of 4 Members, plus 2 Fishery Officers or Committee Member per night.  Those interested in taking part should give their name and contact phone number to the Fishery Officer to be placed on the call-off list. When a night is arranged you will be contacted 3 days in advance of the night fishing date.


Work is continually being undertaken to develop this venue, please contact the Fishery Officers or Secretary for information on working party dates.

Closure of Waters 2014

A reminder to all Members of the Fishery closure dates, which are as follows:

Shadwell            1st December to 28th/29th February (New Dates from 2014)

TYM                    Open all year round

Grand Union Canal       15th March to 16th June (Thames Lock up to Brentford Lock)

                                      Open all year round (above Brentford Lock to Clitheroe Lock)