Rules & Constitution


1. The society will be known as THE BARNES AND MORTLAKE ANGLING AND PRESERVATION SOCIETY. Its objective shall be the protection of the natural environment and to foster fellowship among its Members.
1. All Members shall hold a current Environment Agency rod licence.
2. All Members shall be full Members, either senior or junior. A junior shall become a senior if their 18th birthday falls before the date of the subscription renewal.
3. Newly accepted senior Members shall pay the entry fee as decided under Rule 6.2.d and pay the full annual subscription and levy.
4. No applicant shall be admitted to the society unless they have completed the application form in a satisfactory manner, and attended a meeting to be accepted. Juniors and disabled persons unable to attend the normal meeting place shall be required to attend a meeting with society officers or Committee Members at a suitable meeting place.
5. Any applicant who has:
a. been refused membership by any other club,
b. has had their membership revoked or withdrawn, or
c. is a defaulter to any other club,
shall make it known to the society. The Committee reserve the right to withhold Membership upon failure to disclose the above.
6. Under 16 Members must be accompanied by a Member over 18 when day or night fishing.
7. The fishery closure dates are as follows:
a. Shadwell 1st December to 28th/29th February.
b. TYM Open all year around.
c. Potomac Gunnersbury February to December.

1. The full annual subscription and any other dues shall become payable with the application form. Notice of such items and amounts shall be sent to Members by the Secretary and shall be paid by the date on the form to the address quoted by cheque or postal order.
2. No Member (except Hon life Members) shall be entitled to a Membership card until their subscription has been paid. Members not having renewed their subscription by the date shown on the renewal notice shall be liable to forfeit their right to renew Membership.
3. Newly accepted Members shall pay the entry fee as decided under rule 6.2.d and pay full annual subscription and levy.
4. Non-fishing Guests, one person per Member at a cost of £5 per season. No Guest tickets will be issued to under 16 Members (Excludes Junior Members for parents/carers).
5. Fishing Guests, with a Member, costs £10 for seniors and £6 for OAP/Juniors. There is a charge of £6 for evening tickets, after 1600z.
6. A refundable £10 Members booking fee applies to all allocated dates for night fishing. Members Guest night fishing tickets are £10.
1. Any Member accused of the breach of the rules of the society shall be called before the Committee to make answer to the charge. The Committee shall report their findings and recommendations to the next open meeting.
2. Any Member having complaint against another Member and desiring such complaint to be brought before the society shall attempt to ascertain the other Members membership number and shall send full details to the Secretary. Due notice should be given to all parties concerned, of the date, time and place of the hearing of the complaint.
3. The complaint shall be heard by the Committee, after hearing the complaint the Committee shall give its decision on the matter.
4. The Committee shall have the right to summon a Member to attend before the Committee for a breach of club rules or for any Members bringing discredit upon the society. The Member shall be deemed summoned before the Committee upon the Secretary sending due notice by recorded post to the last known address of the Member. Should the Member fail to attend at the time and the place stated upon the said notice without an acceptable reason for non-attendance, the Member shall be liable to suspension or expulsion pursuant to these rules. The Membership book and Membership card are the property of the society, and is held by the Member named therein, and is not transferable.
1. Open meetings shall be held on the 2nd Thursday of February (AGM), June and December. The new Members / Members renewal meeting will be in June.
2. The Chairman or Vice Chairman shall commence the meeting at 8pm (should either be unable to attend a Committee Member will officiate) and advise Members of the agenda. Meetings shall cease at 10.30pm.
3. The Secretary will read the minutes of the Committee meeting to the Members. The Secretary will record minutes throughout the meeting.
4. Correspondence, when relevant, will be read e.g. Treasurers report.
5. Up to date match reports will be given by the Match Secretary. Other reports will be given by official representative.
6. Items Members wish the Committee to discuss and assess will be recorded by the Secretary (for evaluation at the next Committee meeting and report back to the society at the earliest opportunity).
7. Once items 3 – 6 have been dealt with, the meeting may then continue as an open discussion.
8. Members shall respect the Authority of the Chairman when addressing the meeting. The Chairman may order the temporary suspension from the meeting of any Member who fails to respect the authority of the Chairman.
1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the 2nd Thursday in February at the society’s meeting room or at another venue approved by a vote of Members on or before the date of the previous open meeting.
2. The order of business shall be as follows:
a. Proposals for the alteration of rules, which shall have been presented to the Secretary in writing not later than the previous open meeting.
b. Minutes of the previous A.G.M.
c. Financial report and balance sheet for the year ending January 31st, auditors report and recommendations.
d. Annual subscription. Entry fee.
e. Correspondence.
f. A proposition when seconded shall be open to discussion and no Member shall speak more than once in a debate, except to raise a point of order, or seek information, on which the Chairman shall rule. The proposer shall have the right to reply to the debate immediately before the vote is taken.
g. Election of officers:
i. Chairman
ii. Vice Chairman
iii. Hon. Secretary
iv. Hon. Treasurer
v. Match Secretary
vi. Fisheries Officers (2)
vii. Head Bailiff
viii. Disabled/ OAP representative
h. 9 Members to form the Committee
i. Election of non-voting officers: 2 Auditors
3. Status of officers within the club
President and Vice President are only in name.
a. Chairman to oversee all club and Committee business and each Member shall have one vote. The Chairman only holds a casting vote.
b. Hon. Secretary to take minutes of all Committee and club meetings and to deal with correspondence.
c. Match Secretary to take all bookings for club matches.
d. Match Secretary to carry out pegging of matches when required.
e. Fishery Officers to maintain anything appertaining to society waters.
f. In the event of an officer or Committee Member resigning or otherwise ceasing to hold office, the vacancy shall be filled by election at an open meeting.
g. An Extraordinary Annual General Meeting may be convened by a vote of Members at an open meeting, a minimum of 12 Members to vote in favour of Ex. A.G.M.

1. The Management Committee consists of 9 members elected at the A.G.M. The Committee shall meet on the 3rd Thursday in the month if there are any matters requiring their attention. 5 members will form a quorum and names of those present shall be recorded. In an emergency the Secretary in consultation with the Chairman or Vice Chairman, to arrange a meeting giving the Committee Members not less than three days notice.
2. The Management Committee will be totally responsible for the running of the society during its two years in office.
3. To consider any disciplinary matters under Rule 4.
4. To consider any matters not provided for under these rules, or any question regarding their interpretation.
5. To decide a limit of numbers to be admitted to the society from time to time. They may nevertheless recommend the admission of a Member even if it exceeds the limit agreed.
6. To consider the proposal for Rule changes as put forward under Rule 6.2.a and have the right to recommend an amendment; also to move a change subject to the provisions of Rule 6.2.a. In both these cases the Committee shall appoint one of their number to act as spokesman and shall be subject to the provisions of Rule 6.2.f.
7. To consider the proposed venues for the next season.
8. Minutes of the Committee meetings shall be read out at the next open club meeting and shall be accepted.
9. The Committee shall consider any item put forward by a Member and reply at the next open meeting. A Member may write to the Secretary with the suggestions.
10. The club meeting will consist of a minimum of 3 Committee Members, one to be the Secretary.
1. Only two rods/one rod and one pole to be used.
2. Pegged swims only to be fished.
3. Night fishing is not permitted (night fishing is only permitted for the charity match or as agreed by the Committee and local authority).
4. Only full Members’ allowed on society waters unless day tickets apply.
5. If a rod and line is to be left unattended, the hook must be removed from the water and bait removed and the hook left safe.
6. No Member shall take or permit to be taken any dog, gun, or other weapons on to the society waters, or any land adjacent, dogs only permitted where so stated.
7. That all Members will keep to the footpaths and use stiles and/or gates to gain access, ensuring that all gates are closed behind them.
8. That no Member will damage or ham in any way trees, crops, fences, livestock or machinery on or adjacent to society waters.
9. No Member shall light any fires, with the exception of official working parties, unless authorised by the Fisheries Officer or a Committee Member.
10. All vehicles must be parked on the prescribed areas. Vehicles displaying club badge for disabled and OAP’s are allowed on to society waters and allowed to park in areas set aside. Members on official working parties are allowed to park on society waters only with the permission of the Fishery Officer.
11. That no Member is allowed to plant any form of tree or shrubs, scatter any seeds on society waters, remove or introduce any fish or spawn without the prior consent of the Fishery Officer.
12. Leave any litter or bring on to society waters any glass or metal containers.
13. Do any act that may cause pollution to waters.
14. Commit any nuisance or act whereby offence or annoyance may be caused to other persons lawfully on society land or occupiers of adjoining land.
15. Unduly tread own or injure or damage the banks, stray from the prescribed footpaths.
16. No Member shall interfere with wildlife of any kind.
17. No Member shall bring on to land transistor radios or similar apparatus. Mobile phones are to be used discretely.
18. No more than 2 kilos of ground bait or equivalent (dry weight) may be used.
19. No more than 2 kilo of boilies may be used.
20. Any form of lead shot as specified by EA laws.
21. Only barbless hooks permitted.
22. No bloodworm or jokers shall be used.
23. Keepnets must be over 3 metres long and have rings not less than 350mm (14”) in diameter or 350mm (14”) by 300mm (12”) if rectangular. All Members must have a landing net.
24. Any unused bait may be deposited in the lake after you have ceased fishing. No pre-baiting is allowed.
25. Members fishing matches on society waters are required to have two keepnets in their possession, fish over 3lb are to be kept separate from other fish, larger fish are to be weighed as soon as possible and returned to the water. Other than matches, fish over 3lb are not retained in a keepnet at Shadwell. Keepnets may be banned on society waters at the discretion of the Fisheries Officer.
26. Fishing on society waters may only commence at dawn and must cease at dusk unless otherwise stated.
27. Members must be in possession and use an unhooking mat.
28. The use of lead core and bolt/fixed lead rigs are prohibited.
29. No predator fishing at Shadwell i.e. the use of lures, spinning, live or dead baiting.
30. A 27” minimum size of landing net is mandatory.
31. Main line to be a maximum of 15lb and no braids other than a maximum 18 inch terminal rig.
32. No surface fishing (Suspended) or over or in the lily pads, weeds and reeds.
33.No cycles to be ridden or brought into the swims around the lake.
34.When taking photos of fish this must be done over a bank mat and the fish not raised above knee height.
1. Anglers must be a Member and in possession of a current EA Licence. These must be carried at all times and be available for inspection by the Bailiffs and TYM Staff.
2. Members vehicles must display a valid parking permit (issued by the Secretary on behalf of TYM) in the windscreen and parked in the designated area.
3. Night fishing can only be undertaken when there are at least two Members at the venue, who must have also been through the induction process run by the Head Bailiff.
4. TYM is an all year round venue but fishing times/days are strictly as directed by TYM, via the Secretary.
5. Three rods maximum.
6. No barbed or semi-barbed hooks or those with barbs crushed down.
7. No fixed rigs. All rigs to be fish friendly so that any entangled fish can shed the leads. Back leads must be used when ledgering.
8. A minimum 24” landing net and an unhooking mat must be used.
9. No carp sacks, tubes or keep-nets are permitted.
10. The use of bait boats is permitted.
11. For the general consideration of all users no dogs, radios, BBQs, fires or glass/metal containers are permitted. Mobile phones are to be used discreetly.
12. No guests or visitors are permitted on this venue.
13. Only designated swims are to be fished and water users e.g. swimmers have priority.
14. All Members will keep to the prescribed footpaths and ensure gates are closed behind them. There should be no entry into the restricted and ‘no go’ areas with the BMAPS boundaries being strictly adhered to.
15. There must be no interference with the wildlife of any kind.
Failure to observe these rules will result in the offender being removed and banned permanently from TYM and then brought before the Committee.

1. Anglers must carry their BMAPS Membership card and valid EA License at all times. Failure to do so and you will be asked to leave the venue.

2. Night fishing only permitted with full Potomac Membership.

3. Full Potomac Members are permitted a maximum stay of 3 nights/72 hours in one swim, after which you must vacate to a different swim and not return to the original swim for 4 days/96 hours.

4. Members with Shadwell and TYM Membership are permitted to fish dawn to dusk only.
5. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to fish without adult supervision.

6. Gates to the Lake must be kept locked at all times – jumble the combi lock numbers after entry/exit.

7. Fishery Closed Season is 21st December to 31st January annually.

8. Fishing from designated swims only.

9. Strictly no fishing in the Nature Reserve Zone around the Island.

10. Assistance Dogs are permitted on the Lake – on leads and not allowed to enter the water.

11. Any anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.

12. No open fires permitted.

13. All litter MUST BE TAKEN HOME.

14. No cycles to be ridden around the lake.

15. Radios, mobile phones or similar apparatus are permitted to be used discretely.

16. No inflatable boats or punts to be used on the lake.

17. If a rod is left unattended, the hook must be removed from the water with the hook left safe. Anglers must not be more than one swim away from any active fishing rod.

18. A maximum of two rods to be used.

19. Fish care and welfare must be paramount at all times. You must have carp care solution to treat any injured fish.

20. Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.

21. A 36” minimum sized landing net is mandatory.

22. Large carp unhooking mats must be used at all times.

23. No braided main line.
24. No lead-core or bolt/fixed lead rigs are permitted.

25. Bait boats are allowed but with due consideration to other anglers.

26. No thigh or chest waders – knee high wellies are permitted in the shallows.

27. Leads and lead shot must be as specified by EA laws.

28. The use of keep nets, carp sacks and similar are not permitted.

Predator Fishing
29. Only live bait (silver fish) caught on the lake may be used along with sea fish dead baits.

30. No Carp to be used as live or dead bait.

31. Spinning and lure fishing is allowed.

32. Single barbed treble hooks only.

33. Anglers must have long forceps and/or gags for safe hook removal.