Shadwell Rules


  1. Only two rods/one rod and one pole to be used.
  2. Pegged swims only to be fished.
  3. Night fishing is not permitted (night fishing is only permitted for the charity match or as agreed by the Committee and local authority).
  4. Only full Members’ allowed on society waters unless day tickets apply.
  5. If a rod and line is to be left unattended, the hook must be removed from the water and bait removed and the hook left safe.
  6. No Member shall take or permit to be taken any dog, gun, or other weapons on to the society waters, or any land adjacent, dogs only permitted where so stated.
  7. That all Members will keep to the footpaths and use stiles and/or gates to gain access, ensuring that all gates are closed behind them.
  8. That no Member will damage or ham in any way trees, crops, fences, livestock or machinery on or adjacent to society waters.
  9. No Member shall light any fires, with the exception of official working parties, unless authorised by the Fisheries Officer or a Committee Member.
  10. All vehicles must be parked on the prescribed areas. Vehicles displaying club badge for disabled and OAP’s are allowed on to society waters and allowed to park in areas set aside. Members on official working parties are allowed to park on society waters only with the permission of the Fishery Officer.
  11. That no Member is allowed to plant any form of tree or shrubs, scatter any seeds on society waters, remove or introduce any fish or spawn without the prior consent of the Fishery Officer.
  12. Leave any litter or bring on to society waters any glass or metal containers.
  13. Do any act that may cause pollution to waters.
  14. Commit any nuisance or act whereby offence or annoyance may be caused to other persons lawfully on society land or occupiers of adjoining land.
  15. Unduly tread own or injure or damage the banks, stray from the prescribed footpaths.
  16. No Member shall interfere with wildlife of any kind.
  17. No Member shall bring on to land transistor radios or similar apparatus. Mobile phones are to be used discretely.
  18. No more than 2 kilos of ground bait or equivalent (dry weight) may be used.
  19. No more than 2 kilo of boilies may be used.
  20. Any form of lead shot as specified by EA laws.
  21. Only barbless hooks permitted.
  22. No bloodworm or jokers shall be used.
  23. Keepnets must be over 3 metres long and have rings not less than 350mm (14”) in diameter or 350mm (14”) by 300mm (12”) if rectangular. All Members must have a landing net.
  24. Any unused bait may be deposited in the lake after you have ceased fishing. No pre-baiting is allowed.
  25. Members fishing matches on society waters are required to have two keepnets in their possession, fish over 3lb are to be kept separate from other fish, larger fish are to be weighed as soon as possible and returned to the water. Other than matches, fish over 3lb are not retained in a keepnet at Shadwell. Keepnets may be banned on society waters at the discretion of the Fisheries Officer.
  26. Fishing on society waters may only commence at dawn and must cease at dusk unless otherwise stated.
  27. Members must be in possession and use an unhooking mat.
  28. The use of lead core and bolt/fixed lead rigs are prohibited.
  29. No predator fishing at Shadwell i.e. the use of lures, spinning, live or dead baiting.
  30. A 27” minimum size of landing net is mandatory.
  31. Main line to be a maximum of 15lb and no braids other than a maximum 18 inch terminal rig.
  32. No surface fishing (Suspended) or over or in the lily pads, weeds and reeds.
  33. No cycles to be ridden or brought into the swims around the lake.
  34. When taking photos of fish this must be done over a bank mat and the fish not raised above knee height.