Shadwell Rules


Failure in adherence to any of the following criteria will result in the individual(s) being asked to leave the venue. 

  1.  All members are required to carry a valid BMAPS membership card, if this has not arrived yet then please sure your membership confirmation email. Any non-fishing guest must be accompanied by a Member that has purchased the non fishing guest ticket. Any fishing guest must have purchased, and be in possession of a fishing guest ticket (available from the BMAPS website by the accompanying member).  
  2. All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence.  
  3. Fishing may commence at dawn and must cease at dusk. 
  4. Night fishing is only permitted on the last Saturday of the month from April – October and on pre-arranged dates (i.e. Matches and Charity functions). 
  5. The use of a maximum of two rods is permitted.  
  6. Barbless hooks only are permitted for use. 
  7. Fish care and welfare must be paramount at all times. You must be in possession of a Carp care/clinic solution (for both body and mouth) to treat hook holds and any injuries/abrasions present on landed fish. 
  8. A Minimum 30” carp landing net is mandatory and must be in your possession and ready for use while fishing Shadwell Pool. 
  9. A large carp mat/cradle is mandatory and must be in your possession and ready for use. Minimum Recommended Dimensions: Depth – 6cm  Width – 70cm Length – 110cm (Contact Head Bailiff for further guidance and/or information.) 
  10.  No keepnets are to be used, except within committee sanctioned matches. Sacking of and/or retaining of fish is not permitted.  
  11. Fishing is permitted from designated swims only.  
  12. No active fishing rods are to be left unattended. Baited hooks must be removed and made safe to wildlife. Rods will be considered unattended if, at any time, the angler is further than one swim away from said rods.    
  13. Main line to be a maximum of 15lb.  
  14. No braided main lines. 
    No lead-core leaders, bolt or fixed rigs. Leads and lead shot must be as specified by EA laws.  
  15. No Fishing in or over lily pads, weed or reed beds. 
  16. No Bait boats permitted.  
  17. Predator fishing (i.e. the use of lures, live bait or dead bait) is prohibited.  
  18. Gates to the lake must always be kept locked. Jumble the combo lock numbers after entry/exit.  
  19. All Vehicles must be parked on the prescribed areas (disabled badge holders and OAPs have Priority). 
  20. No individual under the age of 16 is permitted to fish without adult supervision. 
  21. Any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary being taken upon the offender(s). 
  22. The fisheries closed season runs from the 21st December to the 28th/29th February. 
  23. No open fires are permitted. 
  24. All litter must be removed from the venue and taken home. 
  25. Assistance dogs only are permitted and must be kept on leads at all times. They must not be allowed to enter the water. 
  26. No cycles to be ridden around the lake. 
  27. All members must keep to prescribed foot paths. 
  28. Radios, mobile phones or similar apparatus are permitted to be used discretely. 
  29. No member shall remove or introduce any fish or spawn. No member will interfere with wildlife or damage any plants, trees, lake banks, fences/gates. No member will commit any act that may cause pollution to the water.