TYM Specific Rules


  1. Anglers must be a Member and in possession of a current EA Licence. These must be carried at all times and be available for inspection by the Bailiffs and TYM Staff.
  2. Members vehicles must display a valid parking permit (issued by the Secretary on behalf of TYM) in the windscreen and parked in the designated area.
  3. Night fishing can only be undertaken when there are at least two Members at the venue, who must have also been through the induction process run by the Head Bailiff.
  4. TYM is an all year round venue but fishing times/days are strictly as directed by TYM, via the Secretary.
  5. Three rods maximum.
  6. No barbed or semi-barbed hooks or those with barbs crushed down.
  7. No fixed rigs. All rigs to be fish friendly so that any entangled fish can shed the leads. Back leads must be used when ledgering.
  8. A minimum 24” landing net and an unhooking mat must be used.
  9. No carp sacks, tubes or keep-nets are permitted.
  10. The use of bait boats is permitted.
  11. For the general consideration of all users no dogs, radios, BBQs, fires or glass/metal containers are permitted. Mobile phones are to be used discreetly.
  12. No guests or visitors are permitted on this venue.
  13. Only designated swims are to be fished and water users e.g. swimmers have priority.
  14. All Members will keep to the prescribed footpaths and ensure gates are closed behind them. There should be no entry into the restricted and ‘no go’ areas with the BMAPS boundaries being strictly adhered to.
  15. There must be no interference with the wildlife of any kind.

Failure to observe these rules will result in the offender being removed and banned permanently from TYM and then brought before the Committee.