Match Rules

Match Rules


  • Anglers fishing match must be there 1 hour before start of match for peg draw
  • 1 Rod only
  • No barbed hooks of any kind
  • No braided mainline
  • Must have carp type landing net as well as match net – A Minimum of 30inches
  • Must have a large unhooking mat
  • Must have fish safe keep nets – At least one large net (preferably two)
  • No Carp to be put in keepnets – Match Secretary will weigh your carp and add the weight to your total.
  • There are no restrictions on ground bait etc. Except No Bloodworm or Joker.


  • Must arrive 1 hour before match for Peg draw
  • 2 Rods only
  • Minimum 30inch Landing net
  • Large unhooking mat is required
  • You must fish from the swim you are pegged in and not from any other swim
  • No Braided Mainline
  • No fully fixed rigs

If you would like to more info on matches, please contact The Match Secretary Bob Mitchell on 07956 697838