Potomac Specific Rules



  1. Anglers must carry their BMAPS Membership card and valid EA License at all times. Failure to do so and you will be asked to leave the venue.
  2. Night fishing only permitted with full Potomac Membership.
  3. Full Potomac Members are permitted a maximum stay of 3 nights/72 hours in one swim, after which you must vacate to a different swim and not return to the original swim for 4 days/96 hours.
  4. Members with Shadwell and TYM Membership are permitted to fish dawn to dusk only.
  5. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to fish without adult supervision.
  6. Gates to the Lake must be kept locked at all times – jumble the combi lock numbers after entry/exit.
  7. Fishery Closed Season is 21st December to 31st January annually.
  8. Fishing from designated swims only.
  9. Strictly no fishing in the Nature Reserve Zone around the Island.
  10.  Assistance Dogs are permitted on the Lake – on leads and not allowed to enter the water.
  11.  Any anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.
  12.  No open fires permitted.
  13.  All litter MUST BE TAKEN HOME.
  14.  No cycles to be ridden around the lake.
  15.  Radios, mobile phones or similar apparatus are permitted to be used discretely.
  16.  No inflatable boats or punts to be used on the lake.
  17. If a rod is left unattended, the hook must be removed from the water with the hook left safe. Anglers must not be more than one swim away from any active fishing rod.
  18.  A maximum of two rods to be used.
  19.  Fish care and welfare must be paramount at all times. You must have carp care solution to treat any injured fish.
  20.  Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.
  21.  A 36” minimum sized landing net is mandatory.
  22.  Large carp unhooking mats must be used at all times.
  23.  No braided main line.
  24.  No lead-core or bolt/fixed lead rigs are permitted.
  25.  Bait boats are allowed but with due consideration to other anglers.
  26.  No thigh or chest waders – knee high wellies are permitted in the shallows.
  27.  Leads and lead shot must be as specified by EA laws.
  28.  The use of keep nets, carp sacks and similar are not permitted.
  29.  Only live bait (silver fish) caught on the lake may be used along with sea fish dead baits.
  30.  No Carp to be used as live or dead bait.
  31.  Spinning and lure fishing is allowed.
  32.  Single barbed treble hooks only.
  33.  Anglers must have long forceps and/or gags for safe hook removal.