The Copse Pool, Barnes

The Copse Pool, Barnes

Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes, London, SW13 9SA

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General description

Introducing a brand new venue for the 2023/24 Season!

The Copse Pool is the product of years of hard work by the Committee and all others involved. The Copse Pool had sat untouched, overgrown and devoid of fish for years so it was decided to refurbish the venue and stock it with a variety of course fish. The banks have been cleared and made accessible, fencing and access gates erected and the paths laid with wood chips. The pool also underwent extensive digging to add more depth in areas, remove some of the islands and make the banks wider and more stable in areas so that machinery can easily access the entire area in the future. Swims were levelled and dug out to provide a variety of different areas to fish from. Floating fish refuge islands have been installed at the bridge end to provide fish a safe space from predatory birds, along with anti bird predation netting installed at the opposite end in the out of bounds no fishing area, again giving fish a safe space. An underwater aeration system has also been installed next to the floating islands at the bridge end of the Pool.

Set in the beautiful wooded area at the bottom of Shadwell’s Pool, there are 14 swims to choose from. The platform swims 1-4 being prioritised for coaching sessions, OAP and Disabled members. Parking beside the lake (marked on the map) is reserved for Disabled and OAP members only. Depths vary up to approx 5ft and the pool has a mainly silty bottom.

The Copse Pool is primarily a course lake and has been stocked with a good amount of smaller species. The Club has made the decision not to stock any King Carp species into this venue and has instead chosen to introduce 100% pure bred English Crucian Carp, which have been provided to us by The Environmental Agency, bred at their prestigious Calverton Fish Farm. A good head of small Tench and Roach have also been stocked. The Club have also relocated 50 Bream from Shadwell’s pool which average approximately 5lb each. On a good day this venue should produce some good weights for the match Angler!

The Copse Pool is open for fishing from 1st April to 31st March inclusive. There is a Close Season which runs from 21st December to the end of February with fishing commencing again on March 1st. The water is patrolled by BMAPS bailiffs and monitored by CCTV. Bailiffs are on hand to offer advice on Productive swims, tactics or any other queries you may have.

This venue is a members only water with day tickets available for guests of members.

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Known Species

  • Crucian Carp
  • Bream
  • Eels
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench

Opening Hours

Dawn to Dusk. There is no night fishing on this venue.

Access & Parking

The Copse Pool in Barnes is located next to The London Wetlands Centre and If you follow the signs for this you will arrive close to the lake. Look for the big green “Private Fishing” sign located on the gate to Shadwell’s Pool.

Toilet facilities can be used in the Barn Elms Sports Center.

Parking beside the Pool itself (marked on the map) is reserved for Disabled and OAP members only. Other members can use the carpark to The Barn Elms Sports Center, located outside the main gate to Shadwell’s Pool. All parking options are free at this venue.